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Music daemons & more


pianod2 is an open-source, multi-source network-controlled music player for use as central music server. Distributed as source code—compile for Linux, UNIX, Mac.
Orchid is the pianod2 music player as a friendly, precompiled, sandboxed Mac OS X application. 10.7+. Application—Drag-and-drop to install.
Devious Auction Managerdownload
Filemaker-based auction manager and point-of-sale solution. macOS Application
Honey Pot Shell • view source
A short C program meant to be set up as a user's shell with well-know Internet Of Things default usernames/passwords. When anyone logs into that account, their IP is added to hosts.deny. See the comments at the top for instructions, and be sure to test.
Legacy projects
Projects that have been superceded.

On Software...

Coding Reflections
Coding Reflections
Thoughts on Programming Languages
Thoughts on wins and shortcomings of various programming languages.
A Comparison of Media Engines
A comparison of AVFoundation, ffmpeg, libav, and gstreamer based on my experiences with them.
TypeScript 2.0 Notes
My notes on setting up TypeScript 2.0 and associated tools: npm, make, browserify.